Women's Health Conditions

Because you are women you are unique with some health issues unique to women, such as menstruation, pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding.

Many women are unaware that these special problems that some women endure can be treated in a non operative, effective, respectful and easy manner.

Leaking of urine is common but seldom discussed. It is a delicate issue that requires tact in management. Incontinence is not always just caused by "weak pelvic floor muscles". It can be caused by poor muscle control, and many other problems. But the positive message here is: there is help!! Wilma Erasmus has done a special course to help women with this delicate embarrassing condition.

Cracked nipples and engorged breast

Poor positioning and latching problems are the most common causes of nipple soreness, bleeding and cracking in the early weeks of nursing. This can lead to early unnecessary discomfort and possible termination of breast feeding. Physiotherapy, in the form of laser therapy and advice on the correct positioning and latching methods can help.

It will aid you to continue providing your new born baby with the best, most cost effective and convenient form of nutrition that nature has intended. Advice on the correct positioning and latching methods will minimize the possibility of these problems occurring.