Respiratory and Cardio-vascular conditions

We can aid in the effective conservative management of acute and chronic respiratory conditions such as sinusitis, pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and tuberculosis (TB) for all ages from new born babies to the elderly.

Chest physiotherapy (CPT) with bronchial drainage is the standard treatment for mobilization and removal of airway secretions in many types of respiratory conditions. CPT has been shown to be effective in maintaining pulmonary function and prevention or reduction of respiratory complications in patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

Physiotherapy can be used as a preventative measure against risk factors for heart disease. It can also be used to build up cardiovascular health after a person has had cardiac and or vascular surgery or a heart attach. The goal is to build the patient's endurance to promote independent functioning, or performing daily activities. We will evaluate your endurance and condition and prescribe an individualized exercises program for you adapted to your own capabilities, goals and lifestyle.

Wilma Erasmus obtained her Masters in Physiotherapy in the field of the management of patients in ICU as well as an 80 hour post graduate course in Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation and holds APDL level 3 membership of the CPRG of the SASP.